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    Welcome to JINLONG! We are dedicated to providing innovative Pumps, Valves and evaporator technologies to meet world’s rising energy needs.

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    [2018-10-20]Evaporator cleaning method

    How to clean the evaporator: 1. Chemical cleaning process: water washing → pickling and descaling →……[More+]

    [2018-10-20]How multi-effect evaporators are used in high-salt wastewater treatment

    The multi-effect evaporation processor is mainly used to treat industrial wastewater with high conce……[More+]

    [2018-10-20]What is the difference in the structure of the scraper evaporator?

    The scraper evaporator structure is provided with a heating steam jacket inside the casing, which is……[More+]

    [2018-10-20]Classification and main components of the evaporator

    The evaporator is mainly composed of a heating chamber and an evaporation chamber. The heating chamb……[More+]

    [2018-10-20]What is the layout of the evaporator?

    The calculation of the evaporation area of the ice bank evaporator is the same as that of other cold……[More+]

    [2018-10-20]How to choose a multi-effect evaporator and how to use it?

    There are four points to note when choosing a multi-effect evaporator: 1, the number of effects: M……[More+]

    [2018-10-20]Causes and solutions for uneven boiling of the evaporator liquid level

    Reasons and solutions for uneven boiling of the evaporator surface: 1. There is air in the hea……[More+]

    [2018-10-20]Characteristics of the use of external circulation single effect evaporator

    External circulation single-effect evaporator is a common type of single-effect evaporator. It is wi……[More+]

    [2018-10-20]Problems of evaporator defrosting and improvement methods

    Although the evaporator is very easy to use, in the process of use, there is a phenomenon that the e……[More+]

    [2018-10-20]What are the common types of evaporators?

    1. According to the evaporation method: Natural evaporation: that is, the solution evaporates at a ……[More+]

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